VHS(IP23)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors WP-1 IEC standard  
  OHS(IP23)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors WP-1 NEMA standard  
  VHS(IP54)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC IEC standard  
  VHSVF(IP54)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC IEC standard  
  VSS(IP54)Vertical Solid-shaft Motors TEFC NEMA standard  


About us

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Shanghai XDD Electrical Co., Ltd. is the first specialized VHS motor Company for driving vertical deep-well water pumps in China.

Our Company adopts the internationally advanced technology, and pays great attention to the products¨ quality, our Company enjoyed high reputation both domestic and foreign customer because of the products are reliable, stable, diversified specifications, and delivery in time.

VHS series vertical hollow-shaft motors, the latest product of the national design leading by our factory, are three phases squirrel-cage asynchronous motors of fan cooling, for driving vertical deep-well water pumps. These motors possess the merits of high efficiency, large starting torque, quiet-running, slight vibration, low temperature rise, sustaining heavy axial thrust load, compact and reliable structure, easier servicing and maintenance etc. The output grades conform to IEC standard. After being fitted with vertical pumps the motors are widely used in pumping underground water for the mine city, farm, factory, etc. Degree of protection is IP55,IP54,IP44 or IP23, or weatherproof type for outdoor operation upon request.
Our product had been improved possess the merits as follow:
1)Adopting double cylindrical pins, an internationally advanced structure of anti-reverse to efficiently prevent the motor¨s reverse in time when the power shut off suddenly.
2)Adopting the protecting net to avoid the small animal into the inside of motor.
3)At the bottom of the motor, it had been fixed a greaser for lubricating.
4)Big terminal box, it can be connected easily for users.
5)Unusual structure, the new design can be prevented the oil leaking from the inside.

SEMC produces and runs the business of A.C. & D.C. motors, fractional horse power motors, marine motors, explosion-proof motors, electric furnaces, electric pumps, magnetic wires, electric tools, tools, electric carbon products, electric insulation materials, electric moulds, casting and electric components etc. and the products completion is also available.Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Shanghai XDD Electrical Co.,Ltd.'s production capability is about 6000 units per shift.

SEMC has a long history, diversified specifications, advanced techniques, good equipment, perfect testing methods and its products have been sold to and well received not only in domestic market but also in 44 countries and areas such as U.S.A., Germany, Japan,The middle East Asia and France etc. SEMC Shanghai XDD Electrical Co., Ltd. has established broad business relationships with several world-famous corporations such as EMERSON、GE、ITT、WEG etc.

Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Shanghai XDD Electrical Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes both domestic and foreign customers to establish and develop business relationships and will assure you of the quality products and satisfactory services.

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