VHS(IP23)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors WP-1 IEC standard  
  OHS(IP23)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors WP-1 NEMA standard  
  VHS(IP54)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC IEC standard  
  VHSVF(IP54)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC IEC standard  
  VSS(IP54)Vertical Solid-shaft Motors TEFC NEMA standard  


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OHS(IP23) Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors WP-1

Features and Applications
  Series OHS motors are vertical hollow--shaft three--phase squirrel cage induction motors specially for driving vertical deep--well turbine pumps.
  The protection degree is weather--protected type 1 (drip--proof) and the rated voltage is 460V 60Hz. We can also provide with rated 380/660V on request. Adopting an internationally advanced structure of anti--reverse , the motors are exact and reliable for preventing the reversal ,The motors are employed with the oil--immersed bearing lubricating construction, which makes the bearings running in a condition of satisfactory cooling and lubrication so as to ensure a longer operating duration of the bearings ,The motors are characterized by high efficiency , large starting torque , low temperature rise, leakage free, quiet running ,low vibration etc.
  Through our innovative research and development.Series OHS deep--well pump motors transcend the traditional mode of motor cnstruction, that leads to a stable and increased efficiency of the motors.
  As a domestically initiative product, the motors reach the international advanced level of the latest NEMA Standard. After being fitted with long--shaft typed pumps. the motors are widely used in pumping underground water in mine. city, farm, factory and so froth.
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