VHS(IP23)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors WP-1 IEC standard  
  OHS(IP23)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors WP-1 NEMA standard  
  VHS(IP54)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC IEC standard  
  VHSVF(IP54)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC IEC standard  
  VSS(IP54)Vertical Solid-shaft Motors TEFC NEMA standard  


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VHSVF(IP54) Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC

Features and Applications
  VHSVF-seriesVVVF adjustable speed vertical hollow-shaft three-phase induction motors, designed with computer aided technology .In order to apply the supply, the stator, rotor slot and distribution or stator winding have been given special consideration to get a suitable inductance value for restraining and reducing adverse effects caused by time harmonic wave and a series of space harmonic waves produced by the former. Allowance for electromagnetic load has been taken into account to ensure the overload capability at high frequency and constant torque output at low frequency.
  The impact of high carrier frequency of the frequency converter has been pondered in designing the insulation structure of the motors. Especially for the turn-to-turn insulation, in order to make it capable of being subjected to the severe ordeal resulting from the steep shock voltage applied repeatedly in the coil turns by the high voltage rise, special measures have been adopted to reinforce it. The tested values of interturn voltage endurance of the motors are much higher than the specified figures for AC motors in standard.
  Speed can be adjusted in a wide range motors can achieve the speed regulation with constant torque at 10-50Hz and with constant output at 50-70Hz.
  The forced ventilation by and independent axial blower is adopted, with which the motors can be guaranteed to operate for constant torque over a long period of time at the low speed(with the temperature rise not exceeding a prescribed limit.)
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