VHS(IP23)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors WP-1 IEC standard  
  OHS(IP23)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors WP-1 NEMA standard  
  VHS(IP54)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC IEC standard  
  VHSVF(IP54)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC IEC standard  
  VSS(IP54)Vertical Solid-shaft Motors TEFC NEMA standard  


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VHS(IP54) Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors TEFC

Features and Applications
  Series VHS vertical hollow-shaft motors, the latest products of our factory, are three phase squirrel cage induction motors specially for driving vertical deep-well turbine pumps.
  Deep the motors are of high efficiency, high starting torque, quiet-running., low vibration, low temperature rise, can sustain heavy axial thrust load, have compact and reliable structure with easy maintenance etc. The rated output grades conform to the IEC standard.
  After being fitted with veritical pumps, the motors are widely used in pumping underground water in mines, city, farm and factories etc. The degree of protection is TEFC.

  When making an enquiry or ordering a motor please give the following information:
¢Horsepower or KW output
¢Insulation class
¢Ambient temperature
¢Non-reverse backstop, if required
¢Method of starting
¢Unless specified otherwise at the time of ordering, the downthrust load of the motor would be of standard.

Motors of Special Purpose
  We also provide VHS motors of different applications, namely with rated voltage below 600v, frequency of 60Hz, class of insulation either B or F etc.
  We can also supply other special purpose motors, if required please contact us directly.
  We are willing to serve you with pleasure.
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